I Was Wrong About The President



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Let’s get to it without much fanfare, shall we?

For those of you who follow me, have followed me, have agreed with me in terms of the election and the actions following it, you all know exactly how much I disliked our current president.  You all know how I was dead set against President Trump being in charge of the free world.  I didn’t vote for him.  I voted for his leading opponent, Hillary.  It seemed the lesser of two evils.  After all, any sane black female would vote for her.  But I am also a Christian.  And as I stood in the election booth, I clearly heard the Lord tell me to vote for Trump.  I did not.  I acted in direct disobedience to my Lord. I was not apologetic for it.  I simply didn’t believe it was a wise choice.

However, when the Lord told me later that evening to pray, I did pray.  I now know there were others whom the Lord prompted to pray at the exact time I did, and this is how the election was won.  I mean, it was going to happen regardless because God places men in offices and positions of authority for His own purposes.  This means he allowed Obama to be in office, too.

After I prayed that evening, I knew Trump would win, and that the Lord had allowed it.  Period.  Still, I resisted the Lord’s appointment.

It’s officially one year post inauguration.   My position has changed, and it changed inside of a seven day period.  It wasn’t over time.  It happened when I was slapped in the face with the truth, and not just facts.  Don’t be deceived and think the truth and facts are the same.  Satan will ‘fact’ you right out of your destiny, out of your relationships, and out of your life (this one and the one after earth).  I now support the President.  Not just pray for him, but support him (because praying for every leader in every position is my duty, responsibility and right).  I only do so because the Lord himself showed me where I erred.  While I do not like what the President does and how he ‘moves’, I cannot deny he has been chosen to dismantle ungodly institutions.

Let’s establish the things I do believe in:

As a Christian, I do believe there are choices every human being has the right to make.  I believe we have free will.  I believe we are all responsible for the choices we make and there will be consequences of said choices.  I do not agree with all political appointments or choices.  I do not believe in being misinformed, Christian or not, and believe we must use common sense.  I do not believe in being led as a ‘sheeple’.  I believe, above all else, in the sovereignty of God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, that they are One.   I will always side with my Lord before any human being here on earth.  I believe in admitting when you’re wrong.  I believe in repentance, forgiveness and second chances.

Now, in order to even have a discourse about this with anyone, I would expect you to look with your spiritual eyes, have decent revelation knowledge about the Bible (and yeah, that’s my standard.  I don’t debate on any other grounds about this issue as it is a Biblical one) and be willing to listen, not just to hear.  As the Lord said in Isaiah, Come, let us reason together.  This doesn’t make me different.  It doesn’t mean I hate the LBGQT community, although I do not agree at all with what it stands for.  It doesn’t mean I believe every pro-lifer for unborn children or that we don’t have a choice as women.  I do, however, believe if life has been allowed to be created it is of grave importance to the Lord and He wants it here.  Period, said the mother of six, not all born in wedlock and born to an irresponsible parent.  Notice I said for unborn children. The pro-life stance about grown people deciding to murder people is subject to the circumstances.  Kill or be killed is one of those conditions.   This change in stance certainly does NOT mean I do not believe in women’s rights.  I absolutely DO.  With those rights, we have a responsibility to live as God has determined we should.  There are good examples of women in the Bible who did a have passionate, strategic minds and served the Lord in a great capacity.  These women were loved and used mightily by the Lord.  He didn’t care about their gender in terms of service and recognition.

Oppression is not of God, period.  The Bible without revelatory knowledge is just a misused and underapplied book that can hurt people.  The Bible is a book of rules when it is applied to people without the revelation the Holy Spirit gives.  It becomes irrelevant to the very people it was written for.  Holy revelation is what makes it alive and active, able and useful for reproof and correction, separating bone from marrow, exposing the hearts of men.  But it ain’t gonna just yield its fruit if you aren’t reading it with the writer.  The Bible is an action book.  It was never designed to be a monologue.  It is a dialogue.  Do you wanna communicate with the Creator of heaven and earth?  Or are you just lookin’ for a reason to condemn, confuse and behave in a chaotic manner?  Do you want to spectate or participate in the real life you have, or you just lookin’ for a reason to denounce the authority found in the Bible?  There’s a difference.

The time is coming when you will seek the Lord, and you will call out for Him.  He won’t answer you.  Yeah.  I said there is a time coming that you will seek the Lord, and He will not be found (Prov 1:28).  Why? Because He gave you much time you took for granted.  Or didn’t care.  When it’s too late, it’s too late!  No more time.  He is NOT playing games in this time period.  He is tired of being misrepresented and His name being made the equivalent of a slur.  Y’all are about to see who is really King in this joint (earth), and His Majesty, the King of Glory is He.  The question is:  How do you want to meet Him?  Will you be meeting as a friend or as a foe?  Choice is yours.

Anyway, back to the original point…

What made me post this change of position publically is the fact I had put these things in writing because many of the outspoken things I said about him were public, and quite a few here on my blog.  So the Lord nudged me to publically recant and be honest about where my stance lies.  Only the Lord could have opened my eyes to this, and all of the items that led up to this.  Isaiah 45, Esther 1, 2 and 3, as well as passages in Jeremiah are responsible for the initial wake up call.  Whatever the Lord shows, He confirms, and He confirmed it many times over in the last seven days.  I have since repented.

When you’re wrong, you’re just wrong.  There’s nothing wrong with admitting it.  Pride fools us into not admitting the truth.  The main thing is I was deceived, just like Eve was.  The thing about #44 is what he did on his way out of office.  All Christians should take notice of ANYTHING going on in Israel.  And we are to side with them, period.  When we get into opposing them, it’s not God and it’s not good.  The Bible is crystal clear on that.  And my eyebrows raised when I saw #44 doing things to oppose them. My eyebrows raised when I saw #44 pass legislation for gay marriage.  My eyebrows raised quite a bit over a few decisions made in the previous legislation. I didn’t speak out.  I quietly pondered and became perplexed.  I don’t want any person perplexed.  We don’t have to be if we accept the truth.  Truth ain’t always easy to swallow.

As a Christian, I am sick and tired of being picked on because I don’t want Six being taught Santa is real.  I want him to be able to pray over his food at lunchtime.  I am tired of the opposition…and while I may not have control over my gender or skin color, I DO have a choice in the God I serve.  I have control over whether I will use my voice for Him.  I know without a doubt I have to choose Him.  Few who proclaim His name are choosing Him publically.  I cannot be one who does not.  As for me and my house, we will (and do) serve the Lord!  It’s not up for negotiation.

If there is one thing I hate, and yes I mean hate, it’s deception.  It is the ultimate betrayal because it manipulates facts and your earnest concerns to benefit an ulterior and often times, evil agenda.  Many of us Christian believers fall into this particularly heinous trap.

Now, what I am not doing is denying any racist, misogynistic, xenophobic institutions in place or other ills.  I am not denying things like that as they occur.  I won’t stop speaking out against those things.  What I AM doing is placing spiritual priority over what my flesh sees or experiences.  If you had known what was going on in the last seven or eight weeks of my life, you would understand and know the power of God, and the joy of sharing in sufferings and the resurrection.  I am only glad the Lord did not humble me publically on a grand scale.

So, to you President, I apologize for careless words being said.  Now, I will continue to pray you allow God use you for His righteous cause.  I pray you will be Holy Spirit led, that you will make/facilitate rules and amendments that will restore the favor of God to America.  I also pray you get your salvation walk together outwardly, displaying the transformation that occurs with born-again believers.  I pray it doesn’t take long for you, because we Christians are looking at you, praying for you, going to bat for you, your spirit, your family, and your decisions.  Get it right with Jesus and He’ll cause everything else to fall in to place.  He will give you wisdom beyond your very own comprehension.  He will reveal the secret things to you, and no man will be able to stand against you (provided you don’t try to okie doke God).

For everyone who will write me off as over the edge and crazy.  Go ‘head.  For those who will send me hate mail or say stupid things in my comments, go ‘head.  But if it gets too crazy, I’ll delete you quick fast and in a hurry – my block ministry is strong.  For those who will unfriend or unfollow me, it’s ok.  But for those of you who really care or want to know how I arrived at these things, inbox me.  It’s a long, long explanation and it’s full of Bible and such things. In the end tho’, I’m unapologetic about the switch because I will remain obedient and subjected to the Lord and Savior who bid me to do it.




2 thoughts on “I Was Wrong About The President

  1. anytairons says:

    Amen! We must recant, and repent about any views towards our leaders that didn’t line up with the word of God. We must pray and seek God and not the lies.The truth will make us free. Not facts! Facts aren’t always the truth. I believe the truth and I will stand by whatever God stands by. He anointed Trump for such a time as this.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. J P Cavanaugh says:

    You remind me how uncommon it is for any of us to admit that we were wrong about something. Especially about something big and public that we had been passionate about.
    It is so easy to let our politics and our prejudices guide our faith beliefs. You have done the opposite and the rest of us should try to follow your example.

    Liked by 2 people

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