Random Thoughts on Ownership

Freedom is what rings in my mind today.  We. Are. Free.  Aren't we? We like to believe we can move, be and breathe of own volition (since it's no longer socially acceptable to actually own people, although people in this country, and abroad, are kidnapped right from their very beds and forced into different types of … Continue reading Random Thoughts on Ownership


What I Got For Mother’s Day From Six

Yesterday was difficult.  And when I say difficult, I mean depressing.  The entire week had me in my feelings.  As hard as I tried to keep myself from being upset about the fact that my children and I are not speaking, I failed.  I wasn't in a overeating, snot faced, out-and-out spiral of grief.  I … Continue reading What I Got For Mother’s Day From Six


Today is the day when I'm told I've outgrown the life I currently have, and it's time to let go of the familiar.  I've been inundated over the last couple weeks with subtle messages saying to 'let go', yet they've gone waaaaay over my head.  Sermons from church, YouTube messages from ordinary people, songs I've … Continue reading Outgrown


Matt 7:7-12 The last couple weeks have been a challenge to say the least. There have been multiple opportunities for offense, misunderstanding, outrage and hurt feelings.  I must admit, I made myself available to accommodate these things.  It was wasted space and energy. Not fruitful at all. I kept trying to write.  It proved to … Continue reading Cake