Be still, and know that I am God;
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth!

-Psalm 46:10

You keep trying to move, and I keep telling you to be still.

You’re getting sucked up and sucked into the vortex of uncertainty when you don’t need to.

Be still and know that I. Am. God.

Am – meaning present tense; I know what is going on, what you are enduring, what you are tolerating and your need to rest. I preside over everything and every body.  There is no-thing that is too large for me or too miniscule to not give attention or ear to.  I. AM. Period.

“Therefore wait for Me,” says the Lord,
“Until the day I rise up for plunder;
My determination is to gather the nations
To My assembly of kingdoms,
                                             -Zephaniah 3:8

Do you remember when I first told you that?  How impossible it seemed?  How ostensibly long it seemed to simply wait?  It was because you were not still while you waited.  It was because you were striving when all I wanted you to do was rest.  It is the same now.  I want to you to rest.

You are like a toddler, always moving, always busy, fighting nap time…and only when you are ready to collapse, do you rest.  This is not resting.  This is exertion.  It is exhaustion.  I do not want you comatose, worn out or stressed out – in distress.  I want you awake, aware, watching everything that occurs – document and record.  Remain in Me, resting in Me.

You do not have to exert any force for these things to occur or to take place.  I am your strong tower.  All you need do is rest…in Me.  Wait on Me.  Do not make plans or move without consulting with me.  It’s wasted effort…and we all know how much you detest wasted effort.

You do not need to bring resolution to the situation – I am the resolution.

And that, my friends, is where I am right now.  Having to be still and rest.  It can be hard, so I am asking for prayers to help me do exactly that.


4 thoughts on “Still

  1. Not So Random Chick says:

    It is a recurring theme among my friends and some family. Yes, we need to be still and wait over the next four years – and it’s not going to be easy when everything around us is provoking us to move.

    I’m sure the Israelites wanted to bolt and run when they faced the Red Sea, but where could they run to? To the impending army or drown? There was no place but forward – and this is where we are. But before they were able to move through the obstacle placed before them, the Lord said to stand still and SEE the hand of my salvation. This is where we are now. We see the obstacles and feel the army breathing down our necks. BUT we have to stand still. Not only stand still, but BE still. This means we have to quiet ourselves and watch attentively. This is a season of observation, on a precipice of miraculous deliverance…and since God is so very creative, this is gonna be a miraculous display of His hand, regardless of who or what stands against us or surrounds us.


  2. indilydia says:

    Adrienne, I’ve been hearing ‘Listen to Me!’ again and again this season. And of course, I find myself straining at my own or externally applied leash. It’s interesting you’re hearing the same thing. It’s not just personal lives, but it’s like a word for the season our nations and events are in.

    I’ll remember you in my prayers.

    I was wondering why my mailbox isn’t getting messages about your posts, and now I know. I need to go to the Reader. Well, some of us are slow! I’m glad I’ve found posts long pending a read from many people whose work I like to read. Quite befitting for this weekend of rest and reflection I’ve invested in.

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