Randomly Sharative

The last week or so has been amazing. Don’t get it twisted, though.  The Wallace’s have encountered some pretty strange circumstances and situations.  Regardless, it has been wonderful.

The thing that has made it so is my relationship with the Lord.  And seeing that my husband is finding God too.  Oh no.  I’m turning into one of them.  What?  Those hooty hoot bible thumpers.

Seriously though…a shift has occurred since Saturday and I’ve been living in this place. I can’t really describe it except to say that I can feel God…almost all the time.  I actually kinda ditched my hubby off the phone today so I could get alone with God.  Really.  It’s akin to being courted.  Yeah…that’s it.  It’s like I’m being courted.  I steal away to find time with Him.  I don’t ask for anything.  I just want to be with Him.  I have never really experienced this before.  Previously, it was fleeting.  And for a few moments.  Not for days. No, I’m not speaking to a ‘visitation’ or manifestation of God’s presence in a corporate way.  What I am trying to describe is …intimate. I like this intimacy. I don’t ever want to do without it again.  Life without it is…dry.

I’ve been sleeping better too. Less stressed. Grateful instead of complaining. It’s what I want everyone to experience.  Every single person on earth should experience this.  Just like that, I ‘get’ evangelism.  I didn’t before.  Thought it was just a bunch of hollerin’ and bugging people, but now I understand why folks need to be out in the highways and byways.  Again, I’m not ready to start snatching people onto the Jesus train yet but I understand why some of us are so gung-ho about the gospel.

Since the Hub and I have actively asked God to be involved in everything, and it seems like our eyes have opened. There is still opposition, but our perspective is different.  I cannot explain it, and I feel like I’m droning on and on in this post (which wasn’t supposed to be about this).  If this is but an nth of what Heaven is like, I am looking forward to it.


This song has me consistently on my face.  I can’t even listen to it at work…I start forgetting where I am.


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