When He Called Me Higher

A MUST read for all Kingdom Kids.

Author Talisha L. Walton

A Spiritual Warfare Story (My Testimony)
A year ago, The Holy Spirit began to convict me regarding the supernatural tv shows and horror movies I would watch that are sometimes satanic, but definitely dark in nature. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine, despite the fact I see in the spirit and know portals open in television shows we watch because we have invited them into our subconscious through interests in particular topics.

Satan is the prince of the air the bible tells us plainly. Look at the word “interest” and “entertainment” that sounds a lot like “enter us” and “enter (con)tainment,” but I’m venturing of the main topic, sorry. Anyway—back on track.

Even when I tried reading horror books, conviction would set in, but I’ve loved watching scary movies and supernatural shows; even, reading horror fiction since I was a little kid. It never once scared me, so I was…

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