Who Do You Say I Am?

Matthew 16:15

Let’s get straight to it today without much preamble:

Most of us don’t understand the entirety of who we are.  We allow ourselves to be defined by a series of words and labels that describe what we do and our relationship to others.  This is not all we are.

Over the last year, I was confused about the labels ascribed to me.  They seemed to be constricting and narrowing.  They didn’t describe the inner me that emerges when all is quiet and I’m allowed room for my thoughts without distraction of obligations.  Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, director, volunteer, employee – if you were to ask me about my duties assigned with these responsibilities and titles, I could rattle them off easily.  If one were to strip me of those titles – what would be left?  Gladly, I’m on a journey of finding out.  To my chagrin, I found this journey involved losing a job, children, and a home along the way.

Living our lives solely by these labels and responsibilities alone is fairly common.  It seems we are programmed to do so, and effectively reach a disconnect between the labels and a hinting at something more real lying underneath the surface.  This happens to us all during some point our lives, usually at a moment less convenient than we would like.  The majority of our identities are often buried under years of circumstances and experiences designed to destroy us and distort our view of ourselves.  If we do not properly see ourselves aside from some of our life experiences, we may very well doom our future and our legacies (read: children – biological and otherwise, including our dreams and hopes). Who we are is firmly rooted in who created us for this life and His purpose and design for this life.

If you can’t figure out who you are, how can you identify and nurture your progeny? Mainstream culture teaches us to assimilate, to replicate, to imitate labels.  The irony is everyone must conform to some variation of uniformity to be identified, recognized easily. But what if you can’t identify yourself despite all of this???  Contrary to popular belief, there are no two people on earth exactly the same. Yes, we people can be grouped by similar activities, likes, dislikes, and even DNA in some cases. However, no two people are put together exactly the same way inside AND out.  No one.

Think about it…the reason death can be so crushing is because people cannot be replaced. Even if their bodies are cloned, their very spirits cannot be.  We are so uniquely designed, that there never, ever has been, is now, or will be another you.  There has never been anyone who was you before, there is not another you now, and there will never be another exact replica of you in the future – not even via DNA.  For this reason, knowing who you are is of tantamount importance!  It is the exact reason why Satan works overtime to distort your mind, it is why the Bible tells us so diligently to renew your mind.

The same God who knit you together in secret and knows your innermost parts, is the same one who tells you to renew your mind with His word.  Why?  Because He’s your original manufacturer, and only He can give you the 3-D blueprint on you.  Only He knows the full, unadulterated truth about…you.  Intent, design, and purpose.  It’s no different than an artist – many people probably have the ability to duplicate a piece of priceless art. However, only the original artist knows and understands the piece.  Everyone else is just prattling opinions and hearsay.  To really know and appreciate the depth of the piece from the artists point of view, and not really just what you see or someone else’s take on it, you have to know the one who produced it – and be intimate with them.

While my parents gave me the keys to life via chromosomal composition, even they did not know my spirit right off the bat.  We are revealed…slowly.  Even Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was revealed to Mary. His personality, His quirks, His very humanity was revealed in an evolutionary manifestation, although uniquely.   Just like Christ, we grow in wisdom and stature.  Not just pertaining to the things of the earth, but also in discovering ourselves.

Monday, I turned 42.  Not exactly a milestone, yet I find the odd drive to get to know myself as God intended.  I have often asked my heavenly Father ‘Who do you say I am’, just as Jesus asked the disciples.  The cool thing is, all of the answers to this question are in the book, the love letter He left me.  However, true revelation of how it is tailored to my life is only found by seeking and finding Him.  Dogged and relentless pursuit of my relationship with God helps me to be defined by His precision view of my every nuance through the perfect blood of Jesus, rather than my own shortsighted and distorted view of myself through the lens of earthly expectations.

I’m positive I will never know myself as the Father does, but I will enjoy discovering who it is He said I am.


4 thoughts on “Who Do You Say I Am?

  1. The Mouse Companion says:

    Hi, thank you for liking my comment on beautybeyondbones. I love this post! And I love your approach to the whole question of discipleship. Like you I have found myself defined by my roles and not by my designer.
    Currently I find myself at 62 in a wheelchair and struggling with all sorts of physical limitations, and it’s terribly easy to just ‘be’ the disabled person, when that’s what most people see. It’s hard enough not to see myself as that!
    And then, when any life coach would say, “find yourself,”you say, “find yourself in Him!” You are so right! Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. indilydia says:

    Thank you for your like on my comment on Beauty Beyond Bones.

    I love the passion you have for God, and the walk you are walking with Him. At this point as I’m trying to lie fallow in my blog and steward my time and family’s wisely, I’ve been so blessed by visiting others’ blogs, and experiencing the delight of discovering others on the same Great Journey with the wonderful King we have.

    I was intrigued by your words ‘not so random’. Yes. Totally. Isn’t it? Not really so random is it? No coincidences in life, and how wonderful is that, when we’re the delight of a wonderful God’s eyes?

    Blessings over what you write, and I pray it will speak God’s words, life and encouragement to many.

    Many regards in Christ,

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    • Not So Random Chick says:

      Thank you Indi! Thanks for stopping by. It’s so nice to have visitors. 🙂

      The words ‘not so random’ came from my previous blogging life. I used to have ‘random mind dumps’ as I called them, only the Lord showed me they were not random at all. Life is not random, although it can be lived that way should we choose to. Life is very much like our Father: planned, purposed, intentional. This is why we must BE intentional.

      This is the journey – discovering life has not been random…not a single moment was left to chance (although I often feel as though it is mysterious and full of the unknown). We are so cherished that our every need has already been provided for. We need only come to the realization that we ask for it when we need; it will be freely given.

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      • indilydia says:

        I TOTALLY agree! As a teacher, and a late waker up in Life, if it hadn’t been for the extraordinary, loving intervention of God in my life, living intentionally, intentionally pursuing vision and goals in life, and having vision for my marriage, for my wife and family are things that have formed the significant part of my learning curve over the last couple of years.

        I’m very concerned by the sense of directionlessness among people today, even in strongly Christian families and a lack of personal identity. It’s started to form much of my in class and out of class input and encouragement in my students’ lives.

        You’ve said EXACTLY what I feel strongly about, and I’m, as I said before, excited to see the gift to see and unpack parables that you have. I’ll put a follow on your blog, as I’m intrigued to hear what God is saying to you.

        Much grace and peace from Christ over you and your family.



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