Short Trip Down Memory Lane

Today is Tuesday, February 28, 2017.  The father of Kids 4 & 5 would have been 44 today. I am grateful for the contribution he made in the lives of those two, even that he fathered them.  Don't get me wrong.  I am not romanticizing him or our relationship because he died.  I am, however, … Continue reading Short Trip Down Memory Lane


Who IS This Chick? (A Semi Testimony)

On Instagram, I'm known as idontdothat (meaning I don't do Instagram - only because idontinstagram was taken).  On Twitter, my few twitterings are made by one midwestchick. On SnapChat, the screen name is notdoingthat (because idontdothat  is currently taken). On Facebook, I'm me.  I've always been my proper gub'ment name:  Adrienne. I don't have a nickname.  I go by my … Continue reading Who IS This Chick? (A Semi Testimony)

When He Called Me Higher

A MUST read for all Kingdom Kids.

Author Talisha L. Walton

A Spiritual Warfare Story (My Testimony)
A year ago, The Holy Spirit began to convict me regarding the supernatural tv shows and horror movies I would watch that are sometimes satanic, but definitely dark in nature. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine, despite the fact I see in the spirit and know portals open in television shows we watch because we have invited them into our subconscious through interests in particular topics.

Satan is the prince of the air the bible tells us plainly. Look at the word “interest” and “entertainment” that sounds a lot like “enter us” and “enter (con)tainment,” but I’m venturing of the main topic, sorry. Anyway—back on track.

Even when I tried reading horror books, conviction would set in, but I’ve loved watching scary movies and supernatural shows; even, reading horror fiction since I was a little kid. It never once scared me, so I was…

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I Forgot I Wanted To Sing

When I was really little, I used to sing in my granddaddy's church. And then one day of memory lapse and embarrassment crushed me. I didn't ever sing in front of anyone after that, although many people would asked me to. I refused to be embarrassed again. So, I hid in choirs and groups.