Tomorrow Will Be Different

Yes, I believe God directed certain members of the fold to vote for President Trump. Yes, I believe good people voted for this man at the prompting of the Lord. Yes, I believe God appointed Trump for this very time.  What I do not know is the mind of God.  He has decided Trump, Pence and the Cabinet are to be in charge this season – it is clear those are God’s choices.  Do they make me uncomfortable?  Yep. However, what people (especially Christians who identify with Christ) should be pondering is the timing of such an event.

If anyone has picked up the Book (by Book I mean the Bible), they would see many instances in our spiritual and physical history that denoted Israel’s improper favoritism of kings and other governmental officials who were entirely in opposition of the establishment and ordinances of God, and in many cases, simple human decency. These leaders worshiped and adored idols (themselves, money, the spirit of religion, ritualistic practices, general bad taste and behavior, etc.).  They often led the nation to not only practice idolatry, but become entrenched in it, raising generations to disregard God and the relationship with Him.  These kings had reputations of horrible behavior, often coming from a line of selfish royalty who only cared about themselves and their god of choice. They never disputed that there was a god – they just didn’t believe in THE God I serve, and got annoyed when He wouldn’t go quietly into the background, constantly making them look idiotic.  This is no different than the person we (the electoral college and popular vote minority) have asked to be placed in office.

I wonder if these supposed God fearing Christians have ever heard the accounts of King Jeroboham (1 Kings 13 – and in looking at the Presidential cabinet, pay special attention to verses 33 & 34) or Macaiah (1 Kings 22: 6-39)? We see exactly how well these things ended.  In case you’re wondering, it wasn’t good.

The Bible has said one thing:  you will know them by their fruit (Matthew 7:15-20). What’s the fruit, you ask?  Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and self-control.  This person has yet to exhibit any of these traits outwardly.  Wait a second…he’s shown faithfulness.  Not to the regular people who have helped him to get into office, but he has shown faithfulness to his own agenda, and those upper echelon people who helped him.

Back to the original point:  is Trump a part of God’s plan to reconcile humanity? Absolutely. Here’s the rub:  America has long since been a country who has rebelled against her God.  He has been removed from many things.  He has been painted with the malignancy of religion, and it has distorted who He is to such a point, few people want to know Him.  He wants us, and He’s willing to go to great lengths to get our attention.  Even if it means getting a person who will completely deconstruct our country from the top down.  This is NOT new.  There are many accounts of this throughout the Bible (Old and New Testaments).  All one has to do is look.  Most of us won’t.

Since we adopted kids (gentiles) in America are so stiff necked like our pure blood brothers were, the Lord is going to give us what we want.  Voila!  Corruption?  Check. Greed?  Check.  Idolatry?  Check.  Rampant discord e’rrwhere?  Check and check. One of two things are likely to happen – something drastic will happen to change Trump’s heart and mind (or has already) and he will lead us (himself) to turn to Christ in a very public way (Read Daniel 4 where King Nebuchadnezzar lost his marbles). Or something worse will bring the destruction of America, possibly his leadership.  We’re one of the last great superpowers that must fall before the end can begin.  It’s in the Bible, in several books.

I’m not a hypo-fanatical, overzealous, uber-charismatic, doomsday Christian.  I don’t like to make things weird.  You won’t find me doing the typical church shout or track run around the church.   I don’t amen every pastor because we’re supposed to test the spirits and see if they are of God (1 John 4:1).  Regardless, I have chosen to follow Jesus Christ.   It means the dictate to love my neighbor as myself is not negotiable. Our leader is supposed to embody these things, and from what I am shown, this is not happenin’.  A leader that wants to reinstute Stop and Frisk, puts completely inexperienced people over our higher learning, housing, and so many other important offices… ask yourself this:  did Jesus want to build a wall or did he want to build a bridge?

Regardless, the die is cast.  Tomorrow will officially begin a new administration.  While I trust Jesus, I also have common sense.  I know life will change and will never be as we knew it.  I keep praying for all of our sakes, that the Lord will show what we’re to do next, and do it swiftly.  It’s going to be a heck of a ride.  Stay prayed up!



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