Today Is M’ Birfday!

I forgot it was my birthday today. This fact amuses me GREATLY .


Doing Life: Small

Labor Day weekend 2012, I discovered something my family already knew: I was pregnant. To say the least, I was very surprised. I was engaged to a wonderful man, had purchased my wedding gown, counting down the days until my November wedding. I was looking forward to being the mother to adult children in the next few years. You see, I am a mother of five children. There had never been a time in my adult life that did not incur some kind of responsibility for them be it financial, emotional or otherwise. When I discovered this new life, Kids 1-5 ranged in age from 13 -20 (yes they are assigned numbers because I get tired of scrambling for their names). Needless to say, I thought I was finished giving birth to new humans, as did my husband. He had three children from previous marriages. We had already scheduled measures to keep us from having more children. We had it scheduled during our honeymoon, aside from the standard birth control method we were already using. Only...God had other plans (I'm sure He knew this was the only probable way get me to have another child before then).